Telephonic survey on 'The Job Of My Life'

The Federal Employment Agency would like to know how the programme 'The Job Of My Life' is being received. To this end, it has commissioned the SOKO Institute for Social Research and Communication (SOKO-Institut für Sozialforschung und Kommunikation) to carry out a telephonic survey from April to June 2014. Participation is voluntary. Non-participation has no ramifications whatsoever. Telephone calls are made to people who have submitted an application for support within the parameters of the programme. All those taking part are being sent a letter providing information on the survey ahead of time. All information is being treated in strict confidence.

Please take part! By participating, you will be helping us to improve the programme and to provide appropriate resources.


Questions? Here are the answers!

You have some questions regarding The Job of my Life? Our FAQ provide all the answers and further explanations on the programme.

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